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Wisconsin Girls
Barrel Racing Association

2020-2021 Winter Barrels Points Series

This is our second winter of offering a Winter Barrels Points Series. This series runs from October 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021. This is for barrels only and all women, men, youth and peewee are competing against each other in one division. You can take points at any advertised show (with a at least a 2 week advance announcement). Report points within two weeks of the race online under the SUBMIT POINTS tab on this website. 

With very little snow this winter and one long cold snap, the 2020-2021 Winter Barrels Point Series is over. Here are the final award results.

2020-2021 Winter Season Final Placings
  1D     2D     3D     4D
1st Ashley Larson   1st Stacy Schultz   1st Carla Pipping   1st Kayla Bonn
2nd Marissa Wallace   2nd Dennis Pipping   2nd Chelsea Neumann   2nd Dani Robson
3rd Mesa Rasmussen   3rd Hailey Mueller   3rd Alex Gruber   3rd Tammy Martyn
      4th Ellyn Govin   4th Ripsi King-Prissel   4th Angie Schlosser

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