Wisconsin Girls Barrel Racing Association

Wisconsin Girls
Barrel Racing Association

2020-2021 Winter Barrels Points Series

This is our second winter of offering a Winter Barrels Points Series. This series runs from October 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021. This is for barrels only and all women, men, youth and peewee are competing against each other in one division. You can take points at any advertised show (with a at least a 2 week advance announcement). Report points within two weeks of the race online under the SUBMIT POINTS tab on this website. Your 2020 membership fee covers this winter points series. However, you must nominate yourself for this series and pay $20 before points can be taken. For riders registering as new WGBRA members, your $30 membership fee will pay for the 2020-2021 Winter Barrels Points Series as well as the 2021 Summer Point Series. You then will have to add your winter nomination of $20 and then your nominations for the summer series at a later date.

The awards breakdown will be as such:

1-5 nominations = 1 award place per division (4D)

6-10 nominations = 2 award places per division

11-15 nominations = 3 award places per division

16-20 nominations = 4 award places per division

21-25 nominations = 5 award places per division

There will be awards for 4 barrel divisions only. If successful, we may add poles in the future. All youth, women and men compete on the same playing field of points.

Nomination form is located under the Membership tab of this website. Fill it out and send it in with payment right away.

Good luck to everyone! May the roads be clear, and the horses fast!


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