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Monthly updates will be placed here from April through October. You are only allowed to collect points from March 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019, or from your registration date if after March 1. Remember, if you run more than one horse in the same race on the same day, you receive points for only the highest placing horse per race, no matter the division. The points are not horse specific, but rather rider specific. You have a 2 week time window to report your points after each race.

Also, the bylaws state you can take 15 places with up to 100 participants, 20 places for 101 to 200 participants, 25 places for 201 to 300 participants and so on. So if you Place 22 out of 56 riders, the bylaws say that only 15 places are given points when 100 or less riders are in a class. So those points are not eligible. I've adjusted the points to not include those.

Also if you run more than one horse in a class, you can only report points for the highest placing horse, no matter the division.

This is the list the awards are based off of. You will be awarded the highest placing no matter the class. It is a progressive process where the 1st place division winners are identified, then eliminated from all their other entries in all classes. Then 2nd place division winners are identified and so on. Please refer to the bylaws for specifics.


Reported through June 3, 2019


1D – Carla Pipping                         412

         Dayna Spindler                      175

         Caitlin Schmeiser                    13


 2D – Carla Pipping                        907

         Stacy Schultz                         443

         Ashley Larson                         77

         Dayna Spindler                       57


3D – Stacy Schultz                          1,378

         Ashley Larson                         788

         Carla Pipping                          562

         Chelsea Neuman                     93

         Dayna Spindler                        60


4D- Stacy Schultz                          1,658

       Chelsea Neuman                    1,289

       Ashley Larson                            154

       Caitlin Schmeiser                       149

       Jessica Myren                            104

       Melissa Spindler                          93

       Dayna Spindler                            32




1D- Dennis Pipping                         745

2D- Dennis Pipping                          161

3D- Dennis Pipping                         651

4D- Dennis Pipping                           73



1D – Kira Lee                         8

2D – Ava Krings                     5

3D –Mackenzie Walstrom     17 

4D – Ava Krings                    22



1D –Stacy Schultz                 24

        Caitlin Schmeiser          12


2D – Stacy Schultz                26

         Chelsea Neuman         24

         Ava Krings                     5

         Caitlin Schmeiser          4


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