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Wisconsin Girls
Barrel Racing Association

Monthly updates will be placed here from April through October. You are only allowed to collect points from March 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018, or from your registration date if after March 1. Remember, if you run more than one horse in the same race on the same day, you receive points for only the highest placing horse per race, no matter the division. The points are not horse specific, but rather rider specific.

Points Received through March 31, 2018

Women                                                                                                                     Men

1D-                                                                                                                                1D-

2D- Amanda Gruber                        6                                                                        2D-

3D- Stacy Schultz                         168                                                                        3D-

        Jessica Myren                         51                                                                        4D-

         Amanda Gruber                      36

4D- Jessica Myren                        108                                                                       Youth

         Stacy Schultz                            81                                                                       1D-

         Amanda Gruber                       32                                                                       2D-


Poles                                                                                                                               4D-


2D-  Stacy Schultz                               28                                                                      Pee Wee

                                                                                                                                          Alex Gruber                                 5



  • 4L
  • Bauer Built
  • Classic Equine
  • Dawn Vale Farms
  • Runnin' in Style

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