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Monthly updates will be placed here from April through October. You are only allowed to collect points from March 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018, or from your registration date if after March 1. Remember, if you run more than one horse in the same race on the same day, you receive points for only the highest placing horse per race, no matter the division. The points are not horse specific, but rather rider specific. You have a 2 week time window to report your points after each race.

Also, there have been some reporting of ineligible points such as Place 22 out of 56 riders. The bylaws say that only 15 places are given points when 100 or less riders are in a class. So those points are not eligible. I've adjusted the points to not include those.

This is the list the awards are based off of. You will be awarded the highest placing no matter the class. It is a progressive process where the 1st place division winners are identified, then eliminated from all their other entries in all classes. Then 2nd place division winners are identified and so on. Please refer to the bylaws for specifics.

Thank you all for putting your points in online this year. I couldn't have done this without your cooperation. Looking forward to the banquet!!


Reported through Oct. 13, 2018 for races through September 30, 2018


1D – Marissa Wallace                         1933

         Dayna Spindler                            560

          Amanda Osburn                         95

          Amanda Gruber                         92

         Shania Myren                              86

         Stacy Schultz                               79

         Nicole Sandberg-Johnson            73

          Jessica Myren                             40

          Megan Osburn                           38


2D – Dayna spindler                            776

         Marissa Wallace                         698

         Amanda Gruber                          438

         Stacy Schultz                               228

         Shania Myren                              183

         Nicole Sandberg-Johnson            57

         Amanda Osburn                          54

         Jessica Myren                             5


3D – Stacy Schultz                               1913

         Dayna Spindler                            1185

         Amanda Gruber                          577

         Marissa Wallace                         380

         Nicole Sandberg-Johnson            368

         Missie Spindler                            347

         Jessica Myren                               104

         Shania Myren                              135

         Amanda Osburn                          86


4D- Stacy Schultz                                 840

       Amanda Gruber                            380

       Nicole Sandberg-Johnson             364

       Jessica Myren                               267

       Shania Myren                               92

       Betty Staab                                   72

       Megan Osburn                              51



1D- Dan Staab                         15

2D- Dan Staab                         103

3D- Dan Staab                         805

4D- Dan Staab                         283



1D – Mesa Rasmussen            347

         Kira Lee                           141

         Katya Koperski                61

         Sydney Page                   12

         Abby Spaulding               12


2D – Katya Koperski                611

         Abby Spaulding               208


3D – Katya Koperski                552

         Mesa Rasmussen            53

         Kira Lee                           9


4D – Sydney Page                   171

         Ben Faulkner                   22

         Shelby Pettis                   2



1D –Mesa Rasmussen             99

         Katya Koperski                78

         Shania Myren                  75

         Amanda Gruber              48    

          Amanda Osburn             44

         Jessica Myren                 43

          Marissa Wallace            20

          Megan Osburn               16

          Kira Lee                          16


2D – Stacy Schultz                   227

         Jessica Myren                 41

         Shania Myren                  36

         Kira Lee                           22

         Amanda Osburn              20

         Shelby Pettis                   20

         Amanda Gruber              13

         Megan Osburn                12

         Marissa  Wallace            7



Pee Wee

Alex Gruber                             124

Charlie Marie                          45

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