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Winter Points Monthly updates will be placed here from November, 2019 through February, 2020. You are only allowed to collect points from November 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020, or from your registration date if after November 1. Remember, if you run more than one horse in the same race on the same day, you receive points for only the highest placing horse per race, no matter the division. The points are not horse specific, but rather rider specific. However, if you enter more than one horse in the same class, you can only take points for the highest placing, no matter the division. You have a 2 week time window to report your points after each race.

Also, the bylaws state you can take points for:

Up to 15 places with up to 100 participants

Up to 20 places for 101 to 200 participants

Up to 25 places for 201 to 300 participants and so on.

So if you Place 22 out of 56 riders, the bylaws say that only 15 places are given points when 100 or less riders are in a class. So those points are not eligible. I've adjusted the points to not include those.


Reported through January 31, 2020

1D – Marissa Wallace                      94

         Ashley Larson                         46

         Dani Robson                           15

         Alex Gruber                              9

        Stacy Schultz                             8

        Jessica Myren                            6

        Angie Schlosser                         4


 2D – Stacy Schultz                        516

         Ashley Larson                         96

         Bella Halverson                       96

         Dennis Pipping                        78

         Bridget Mueller                        59

         Dani Robson                            57

         Jessica Myren                          41

         Carla Pipping                           39

         Marissa Wallace                      24

         Hailey Mueller                          13

         Angie Schlosser                       11


3D – Stacy Schultz                           343

         Bridget Mueller                        153

         Amanda Gruber                       147

         Dani Robson                             98

         Carla Pipping                            79

         Hailey Mueller                           73

         Bella Halvorson                         57

         Alex Gruber                               53

         Marissa Wallace                        29

         Kayla Bonn                                 8

         Angie Schlosser                          5


4D- Angie Schlosser                       497

       Hailey Mueller                          206

       Kayla Bonn                              142

       Jessica Myren                         109

       Amanda Gruber                         84

       Ashley Larson                            81

       Dani Robson                              52

       Bridget Mueller                           31

       Alex Gruber                                30

       Ella Lawton                                 25

       Bella Halvorson                          14

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